Book Review Programme

Half Papyrus is dedicated to the art of literature of all forms. A literary piece is half complete until its expressions are read out with an open mind. We try to complete what authors and publishers have initiated.

We welcome books/literary pieces published in English and Hindi languages from all types of publishers and authors across the globe.

With a dedicated team of reviewers, we not only read the book/piece, but also provide impartial reviews. We believe that a literary piece is written with a purpose in mind, and that purpose should be fulfilled by the text it contains.

Instead of judging the content, we highlight the important aspects of your piece of literature. The process helps you in providing a readers' insight, which will strengthen the foundation of all your future literary endeavours.

The Book Review Programme comes with economically designed plans, inclusive of all major digital media platforms to establish your work. For further details, please contact us.

Book Review Programme

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