Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are we?
    Half Papyrus is a venture for bibliophiles, authors, and poets with an interest to establish the essence of quality literature through various platforms.

  2. What services do we provide?
    Our services include Book Review Programme and Author Influencer Programme. We also provide customized plans to create a wholesome experience to our clients as per their specific needs.

  3. How long does a book review project take?
    From development to delivery, the reviews usually take about one month period to be live on our networks and other platforms.

  4. What are the platforms on which we publish reviews?
    We publish reviews on Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, Google Books, and our Blog.

  5. How will I be notified when the review is published?
    Apart from the project culmination e-mail, mentions of the author profile is done on each platform for outreach.

  6. Are reviews paid?
    Since the process of long term reading and highlighting important aspects of the book takes time and efforts of the team, a nominal fee is charged as per selected plan.

  7. What plans do we offer?
    We provide economically designed plans and also offer to create customised packages as per specific requirements of our client.

  8. Do you provide author website as part of author influencer program?
    Every author should have an author website. Your website is the first place readers, media, booksellers, and book reviewers will turn to for more information about you and your book. It should have a clean, easy to navigate layout and include relevant information about both you and the book. We provide services for author website as per requirements of the author.

  9. What is the minimum cost to get my book promoted?
    Our budget friendly packages start from the nominal fee of INR 1000, depending upon the requirements of the author.

  10. How can I know more about Half Papyrus?
    You can always reach out to us via,
    E-Mail :
    Instagram :