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Ahalya : The Sati Series (Book 1)

Koral Dasgupta

The book has a philosophical touch to it which is new in perspective and could be able to enhance the knowledge of what we actually know of Ahalya - one of the most important Panch Kanya in Hindu mythology. The reflection of the main theme of the book goes beyond its genre of mythology. It puts to play the unimaginable complexity that gets associated with sage Gautam's decision, Indra's aura, Brahma's creativity, and Ahalya's sanctity taking along a very pious characterisation making the question of pure and impure an irrelevant one.⁣

The beauty of the story’s thought lies in the portrayal of Ahalya as a spirit - untouched and unaware of what her fate has in store for her. Covered by mist and aura of purity, she is unafraid to ask her heart out even to her proud creator - Brahma. She lets herself flow over and above the questions of redemption or guilt or anything which requires justifications. The book in itself portrays this piece as a source of ultimate reality and would leave the readers enthralled with its magnificence. ⁣

Koral Dasgupta has delivered the masterpiece that will make you imbibe mythology, and encompass it within yourself as something very ancient yet recent, mysterious and pious, and yet so well understood. Mythology to me, is that feeling of connection and introspection, and it makes me wonder that maybe even I was a part of this story, of the dreams getting realized and promises getting broken and love getting unfurled with the sanctity untouched. The book reflects on Ahalya as not mere a mythological context, but also what we actually derive from it and feel its presence as a part of this reality.⁣

The narration in itself is lyrical and poetic in nature that is enough to encapsulate the readers in its charm of age old tale with a unique perspective. We misinterpret truth sometimes and mould it as per our satisfactory gestures but in honesty, the truth lies beyond words and actions, it is one of those things which is not seen but felt. The truth of Ahalya can be felt through the pages of the book. This truth can be experienced as one's own - the author's thoughts and opinions are solely behind this tale of intriguing truth.⁣