• Half Papyrus

An Unquenchable Excess of Love

Anjutha Ranganathan

The poetry book in its essence is an unusual epitome of love, grief, retrospection and healing. This collection of poetry on a single heartfelt theme which is love and its majestic complexities is bound to make one jump out of the overwhelming emotions of such wonderful expressions.

Anjutha Ranganathan instills a sense of warmth and comfort into her poetry, making them relevant and close to our hearts. From the falling, breaking and healing, she weaves the thread of words together in the most exuberant of ways. She constructs her narration without any disguise, and portrays the raw thoughts as perceived including the easter eggs which could be found when delved into depths of love. The innate quality of understanding this complex emotion of love can be felt easily when it comes to the poems pampering the readers with empathy, truth and loveliness. From poems in context of regret, peace, wisdom and Rise stands out with all the expected literary endeavours.

"I can get over him, but not his smile."

The author's honesty and sincerity coat the poems with the hues of self exploration in love. What could be more clear and concise than a poet's thoughts on magical world of love? And what could be better than indulging in the poetry of insightful experiences?

Apart from few basic over indulgences in a peculiar concept, the book is a well thought out read and recommended for those who wish to just have a sip of both the worlds meeting in love!