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Bhavya Jain

Author Interview

Bhavya Jain is an author of the anthology, Mandala Poesy.

How would you describe your literary endeavour in a nutshell?

Honestly, I can say that my boat is moving through the waters. I never thought to jump into this industry but yes my love for writing has opened the doors for me. I had been reading novels, characters, and many more but you see while you read a novel and you flip the page, you find the character is now in another plot. While I, when started writing for books, I use to flip the page and feel the voice of another whole writer. So, you see, where the industry is prominent in terms of novels, I started working for anthologies which are not known that much, especially in Indian reader's mind. So, I always wanted along with me, I can join as many voices I can, which readers should know about.

Your writing is an inspiration. Where did you get the idea of writing such beautiful poetry instead of full- length novel?

For writing this anthology, I would say rather than being inspired, it was an urge of my readers who wanted to read, just my work, and I decided to promote anthologies more. So the question was how to bring both things together. So, one fine day I was just scrolling my Instagram feed and I saw some really beautiful mandala artwork. So while my eyes were glued with every fine work, my mind was jingling with words and from there I got this idea to bring mandala artwork and my poetries together. And so, Mandala Poesy came into existence and am glad that it received a national record too.

Are there any easter eggs in your book that only a few people will find?

Yes! I always say this, that whatever I write is what resonates with me. Because when it's from you, It will be for all. And so, my work includes the maximum part of me. You see, somewhere in your life you either get memories or lessons. I inculcate both of them. Also, I never want that from my writing depictions, people find any delicacy or enfeeblement. I make sure while I pen down my thoughts they are capable enough to invigorate the readers' mind.

There are so many unique characters in your book. What is the most difficult thing about writing characters for the opposite sex?

See, every character you choose is associated with a different emotion. So, while I pen down for the opposite sex; For me, it becomes a huge responsibility that I give full justice to its emotions and thoughts. I never want that in showing the protagonist - strong and evident, I hide the other characters in a veil.

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

My dreams! Everyday they provoke me to do better. They guide me to find the best version of me and so my dreams enlighten my spirit animal!

What behind-the-scenes tidbit in your life would probably surprise your readers the most?

Oh is it necessary to reveal? Kidding! What mostly readers don't know is that the journey which I have gone through includes a part where I have failed. I even decided to quit. I went through multiple panic attacks. I have been the weakest but.. but.. I even decided to get up. So the shining me was also a dull me. And there might be many like me and to all of them I can say, "Get Up!"

Being the successful writer that you are, you must have experienced peaks and valleys in your writing career. What advice do you have for budding writers?

"Don't stop!" The moment you create boundaries around your thoughts, you create a demarcation. Just don't create it. Shatter whatever is coming as a hurdle in your goal or face it bravely but just don't stop. This process is long but trust me it's worth it.

Your work would definitely pamper our readers with intricacies of complex relationships and mind numbing thoughts. Any last thoughts for our readers?

My teacher says this and so I want to say this to my readers: "While you draw a landscape, you sketch the river, beautiful scenery, flowers, and you also sketch the mountains and the valley. And so is our life! There might be mountains in your way, but ends are always beautiful. Don't just stop because of one hurdle. Keep on moving like the river. This is how the journey is."

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