• Half Papyrus

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Shwetha H. S.

"I might be a character in a story, or I might be a story of a character."

This short story collection constitutes the intricacies of varied and complex uncertainties of life. Each of the stories portrayed in the book is an entire work of unique perspective and observation which is very different from the ordinary. Author's crisp and fast paced writing style is adamant to pamper the readers with its arms of expressions and that too sometimes towards extremities of the dead end.

The end to each story is a separate plot in itself which could be relevant but would be expected to stir out the emotions. Fiction of mythology to the reality of humanity, the author has expressed it all from the uniqueness of complexities to the ease of relief with the characterisation.

Various colours of life till the grey in between, each story is well thought of and has an insight which only an observant reader can ponder upon and emerge with an aftereffect of its essence.

The stories are framed in a pattern which would make the readers realise about what actually is relevant in our lives especially when life is a huge bundle of subtle relationships. Heartfelt yet strong narration of the book is designed to let the readers delve and appreciate the resonance of our real lives.