• Half Papyrus

Friends over Lovers

Anna Shtorm

Friends over Lovers by Anna Shtorm is a mesmerizing poetry collection ranging from mystics of love to fantasies of dreams. She writes to let her thoughts consolidate on topics very common, but very less talked about. Although the poems glistens with modern contemporaries, the thematic representations seem very uncommon. This is the kind of poetry you never realised you needed, but when you get into it—you can’t let go of it.⁣

"But what about me? - No reply. But what about me? User`s blocked. The expectations were too high And now all pictures cropped."⁣

The poems dwell not in any particular marginalized theme, but flicker and flow without any bar. They sometime talk about the spring which is destroyed, blocked lovers, no meaning yes and sometimes about happiness, sorrow and guilt. But each and every time, the poems pierce out of the pages, and convincingly convey what they preach.⁣

Friends over Lovers remind us of the fact that poetry is not just about reading some beautiful rhymes and then forgetting about it, but they are in fact intriguing modes of thoughts directed to let the readers know about a certainty of love. The poems have a very fresh and clean vibes to it giving a new perspective to things which everyone can relate once in a lifetime atleast! ⁣

The book is a very light read with rejuvenating expressions and honest windshield to it. It is recommended for the readers who are not afraid to delve into poetries which have an accustomed look over vulnerabilities. ⁣