• Half Papyrus

In the Land of the Lovers : A Punjab Qissa

Sakoon Singh

With In the Land of the Lovers : A Punjab Qissa, Sakoon Singh makes us bounce with nostalgia and rejoice, soaking us with the flavours of contemporary Punjab and the culture of turbulence after the war simultaneously. As Nanaki is expressive of her life with her grandparents, thick turns of rejuvenation from the old memories are reminded of once again, cases and covers etched in the tattered pages of history.

With a scarred and tragic childhood, Nanaki wishes to keep no stone unturned to be with Himmat who had been into the same shoes earlier. The lines of the narration are woven together affectionately, with a hint of nostalgia every now and then. It is a walk down the memory lane especially when you've been through the stories of Punjab every now and then. Another thing that is intriguing is the story of struggle, aloofness, love and insights to the domains of partition in the book. The book is written with such good meditative spirit and is lyrical and metaphoric in approach that it is bound to inspire the readers.

Speckled with her essence of simplicity and kindness, Sakoon Singh has successfully written this story in a heart-warming, beautiful way that really makes the readers nostalgic about the good and tough old times. The author has poured so much care and limitless compassion, that makes anyone feel luminosity in the experiences discussed!

This is a kind of book every serious reader should pick up. It was an exciting journey reading this, and who doesn’t love insightful stories from elderly people! Much more important than reading the book, are the values that you carry with you henceforth. These are ordinary tales of extraordinary acts of bravery, wisdom and loss which definitely deserves a read.