• Half Papyrus

Indestructible : The hidden gifts of trauma

Krista Nerestant

On the days I wake up not feeling my best, when life dispenses another bout of atrocities, I answer just one question to define my attitude: “How am I going to love myself today?"

The book is self explanatory in terms of the genre and its attachments towards the life of optimism, love, achievements and overcoming of all the fears that traumas and uncertainties behold.

Life of the author is well explained through her own emotions in the most delightful and heart warming context. An insight into her world would let the readers derive the essence of life in a broader context. The book is about finding your life purpose in troubles and traumas with silence and letting your emotions get channelised through the words that are meant to be felt and embedded in minds than to just mere read.

Author Krista Nerestant uses her life experiences with all sorts of relationships and encounters with acquaintances to write this book that delves deep into human nature. The question at the end of each chapter is the thought provoking attribute towards the essence we seek.

The author takes the readers along the journey through her ordeals with an effective narration and a greater understanding of our living!

It's not self help, rather this book has the beautiful concept of self awakening.