• Half Papyrus

India Positive Citizen

Savitha Rao

The book showcases a huge slice of Indian predicaments, of their way of living, their harmony and small acts of awareness. Largely diverse, well-articulated and strikingly charming—these set of chapters can prove to be a beautiful welcome into the world of being a positive and impactful Indian. At the end of each chapter, the thought process is accommodated by a note which is worthy to write and remember especially for the youth to let their country flourish from their insights.

With the help of limited colours, fixed count of words and choosy emotions to highlight—the words will never make the readers feel incomplete. If some of the things does seem a little too rapid, the psyche of the readers surprisingly makes up for the missing pieces, providing a beautiful experience to carry along.

Savitha Rao's expertise in curating this collection is deserving of enough praise and recollections in the years to come, and I do not see why this set cannot be called a preliminary yet effective introduction to the awareness one requires spanned by influential writing and small acts of goodness.

'India Positive Citizen’ has filled me with a sense of pride, awe and confidence, that makes me believe that if we want a change, there is no scarcity of ways. It is comprehensive, inspiring and hugely motivating.