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Malathi Ramachandran

Mandu by Malathi Ramachandran is a glimmering imagination and magnificence materialised on paper. Malathi Ramachandran has delivered this masterpiece that will make you imbibe history and power and encompass it within yourself as sometimes very ancient yet recent, mysterious and shimmery and yet so well understood specifically in the attributes portrayed by Roopmati.⁣

I kept on imagining her writing style as vast galaxy of the Mandu's world, its acquaintances, situations and surmounts of ancient aura to it giving it an exemplary show. The soulmates, Roopmati and Baz Bahadur and their twisted tale of ancient yet sensual romance made the plot intriguing enough to let the readers want more and more of it. The author has made me realise that the only way to know and experience an entity is through stories - large and small, mundane or essential, real or fantasy. ⁣

But now, she wrote slowly, sadly, in her notebook: "My heart for thy heart ever longs, My lips for thy lips ever yearn, My ears for thy sweet word of wife On thy return."⁣

The book hasn't shattered the boundaries between what is real and what could be real, the story is so gripping that one would not forget to assume it real at that very moment given the fact that every expression is relevant to love within ourselves and this particular characteristic is bestowed upon Roopmati and her passion for Indian classical music. Her passion and aura made Baz Bahadur think out of his wits and despite of his mother and his Begum being reluctant to the relationship, still they have found the world within each other. Overcoming all the plots of jealousy, revenge and regret, they come out strong in the most unexpected of ways especially when Emperor Akbar is also pacified with Roopmati's talent. ⁣

The author has swirled various colours and tinges of love, romance, exuberance and shadiness attached to it without any cease, to give you a book that makes you question the contrast between suggestions and resolutions.⁣