• Half Papyrus


Yes, I breathe,

exhaling reflections

but inhaling all these emotions,

that you've hidden from the world but me.

Not a stalker,

Still there where least imagined to be.

Yes, I am counting on it,

tears that have rolled down,

smiles that have been put on.

For how long will we believe,

stranger to you not so stranger to me.

Its for you,

all the clouds to cuddle, and to

challenge that one ocean, that lake,

that sea.

Yet yes, I am rude somehow,

unlike unkind others expressing veracity.

Abundance or scarcity,

both are to be aided.

With a forewarning-

Yes, today I will shatter you,

only to be left gawking,

stupefied by you, the mended.

So all aboard, The guide I am,

And life it is, because today

he signs-"commander to those seas".

Setting some souls to his beats,

with some yet to reach.

The mirror I am,

the colder it gets, the colder I am.

Constantly searching for you, next one to preach...