• Half Papyrus

Power Divided (The Evolutionaries : Book One)

S. Behr

“In the name of my mother and all those we lost, I challenge you all to stand with me now. Stand with me always.”

This young adult fantasy with the essence of Sci-Fi makes the book engaging and creative simultaneously. S. Behr has delivered this masterpiece that would make you imbibe fantasy, and encompass it within yourself on pretext of today's relevance as something imaginative yet real, mysterious and shimmery, and yet so well narrated.

Her writing style can be fantasized as the vast world waiting for the protagonist Violet to be explored and felt making the book as sparkling as the spatial dust giving an exemplary show. With the science and miraculous elements, the author has done a brilliant job in pampering the readers with the discoveries of this immersive world of Amera. The plot is a heartwarming tale of love, resilience and acceptance. Violet's journey all throughout the book with her relationships with others are found to be an exciting adventure and would never disappoint with the fall of disengagement. The specifics are the final handwritten notes made at the end of book to reaffirm the augment of the next book!

Princess Violet, one of the most important person of the Neyr, taking baby steps at each of the intervals explores more of her powers with every obstacle she faces in this magical world. In the first half, the plot involves the child-parent relationship with an extent of understanding and patience. The second half of the book creates a vivid sense of mystery and intriguing resilience within the people of Amera. The characters of Hailey, an artificial intelligence relic and Jane, with her pet enjoys the most relished portrayal within the plot.

Apart from a few concentration blocks here and there and bits of confusion within the adventures, the book is a recommended read and the readers would be left waiting for more in the upcoming works of the author!