• Half Papyrus

Revelation 22

Anunay Kumar

The book is a thriller mystery involving Agency's top undercover agent, a brilliant scientist and a local politician who are connected in an invisible thread which brings in a great gripping touch to the book. The main protagonist, Rudra is all set to save Mumbai from terror attack even after facing fatal attacks despite the fact that this mission had been aborted.

Just through its initial look, anyone can have a notion that it's going to be immensely intriguing. Honestly, the book kept its promise. The story is not at all bland and comprises of a twisted plot concocted in the shell of thrill. The author has tried to incorporate elements like the vivid description of attacks which Rudra faced.

The characters in the book have been crafted with much insight, and each of them holds a different surprise. Diversity in the plot is evident within the framework of the story. The pace of the story is balanced with right amounts of halts and acceleration.

The book is a recommended read given the fact its editorial aspects and sequential writing style is almost perfect! The book can be read by anyone who loves thrill one beyond the other with the majesty of crime, terror and mystery!