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Half Papyrus is happy to connect with Ms. Savitha Rao for 500+ WAYS TO BE AN INDIA POSITIVE CITIZEN: Building a great nation one India Positive action at a time.


How would you describe your literary endeavour in a nutshell?

They come from the heart. As a citizen I want to see my India as a strong, joyous , sustainable nation. It is possible if each of us pitch in.

Your writing is an inspiration. What is the ideology behind writing such books with a cause?

Thank you. My work in the sustainability space showed me clearly that unless change starts at the individual and household level it is not possible to make tangible , lasting impact. A meeting with PM Modi inspired the India Positive Citizen concept in me. I initially started it as a personal experiment which then extended to family and friends. And then as a Facebook page, website and eventually book. We do on ground activities as well. Through my recently formed NGO – Positive Citizen Foundation we are powering our work in several areas.

Where did you get the idea of writing such astonishing ideas?

I think it is a blessing from the Divine. When you care keenly about issues and want to make a difference ideas do come up. In the book the focus has been to share action ideas which are doable by a wide section of the readers.

Are there any hidden perspectives in your books that only a few people will find and understand?

When you see a thread it is thin and seemingly unimportant. But when the same threads come together as cloth it is versatile, functional, beautiful. Likewise, small actions by a citizen may seem unimportant in the larger scheme of things. But when done consistently by millions of citizens it creates a vibrant and strong nation.

There are so many unique perspectives in your book. What is the most difficult thing about writing such complexity in a simpler version?

I try to keep the reader in perspective. And look at how the words would resonate with readers. Is this relevant for them ? Is it doable by them ? What are the benefits for them ?

Change at the individual level is essential to create a world that is sustainable, kinder and happier for all species on the planet.

Change ( in the context of nation building ) is not complex or resource intensive for most citizens. With mindful actions done consistenly we can make a big difference. Take Swachh Bharat for instance. If all of India stops littering we can have Swachh Bharat in a week. It’s that simple. And that difficult.

From morning to night we are engaged in activities e.g cooking , traveling , shopping etc. And we have occassions like birthday, wedding, festivals etc. A family has members across generations. 500+ ways to be an India Positive Citizen has actionable ideas for every demographic and for various occasions.

Some instances in the books are thoughtful and very intuitive which could actually leave the readers with an afterthought. Does belief of people affect their future?

Absolutely. Our beliefs power our actions. And as much as the physical action the belief makes an energetic impact.

What is the first book that motivated you to write?

Honestly I am unable to recollect. I am an avid reader. My home is brimming with books. In addition to the books – my work in the space of sustainability inspired me to write.

As a writer, what would you choose as your favourite action towards our nation?

There are many actions I do and like. Tree plantation – doing it myself and enabling it gives me great joy. Recently in rural Maharashtra we have partnered with a local group to plant more than 5000 neem trees. In Karnataka – we have enabled plantation of Neem, Moringa, Amla, Tamarind. Additionally we are creating Tulsi Vans ( Tulsi gardens ) in some schools there.

What behind-the-scenes tidbit in your life would probably surprise your readers the most?

Yoga and meditation help me in my writing. I get some of my best ideas after meditation and yoga.I would recommed every writer to try it. And every reader too.

Being the successful writer that you are, you must have experienced peaks and valleys in your writing career. What advice do you have for citizens of our nation?

The world we find ourselves in needs us all to care and to make a difference. One does not have to be the head of a company or a country to make an impact. Every action matters.

Your work would definitely inspire our readers with intricacies nation friendly enlightening thoughts. Any last thoughts for our readers?

Our nation needs you. Your actions matter. Please choose to make a difference.

How can the readers reach out to you?


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