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Spice up your Speechifying

Rajjan Shinghal

'Spice Up Your Speechifying' by Rajjan Shinghal is a collection of light hearted quotes which can prove to be handy anytime anywhere. The book translates accurately to the vision of leadership prospects thereby making communication faster and easy with use of varied quotes collected in a symmetrical fashion. The quotes glistens with modern contemporariness, the thematic representations seem very uncommon. This is the kind of collection you never realized you needed, but when you get into it—you can’t let go of it.

"Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no fibs."

Be it a long speech at conferences or a get together at home, this book is helpful in planning every event by adding the spirit of wisdom and knowledge of the famous sayings authored by wise men. Everything aside, certainly if these quotes are used efficiently, this can bring wonders to the power of mindful talking.

Ranging from depths of writing to the illusion of fear, the author has taken just an apt approach to simplify things up. From order to narrative, the author is appreciated for his hard earned time to put together such loveliness in one package.

The author has utilized his immense prowess in analyzing and categorizing literature written through the ages. This gives the book a very fresh, yet accustomed vibe.