• Half Papyrus

Tapestry of Life Cadences

Prabhupad Mishra

This short crispy read of indelible stories and poems comprises of enchantments from the different genres of emotions and life experiences. The book is a combined force to allow the reader think about the various perspectives connecting to the essence of life. There are various beautiful expressions which would make the reader delve into the opinions and thoughts of the author.

Although one would have read a lot of stories but this one obviously would not be an exception to state the fact that this small book is an epitome of freestyle creative writing.

The author has given us a collection of stories and poems, a huge chunk of ideas, imaginative essence and memories. He has spanned his stories through an uncommon theme and expressive of things which are sometimes unsaid and neglected. However, each of his creation come to us without any shyness, gleefully expressing what they’ve been written for.⁣

Variety of intricate topics and unusual metaphorical contrast become an accustomed feat of the author. He encompasses very unique comparisons in order to coat his tales with a layer of relevance. Nonetheless, the book is a very light and heartwarming read throughout!⁣