• Half Papyrus

The Day Before Today : Lockdown Stories

Gayatri Gill

"I stare at the life ebbing out of her, horrified with what I’ve done. But what else could I have done? Had to save the baby, didn’t I? Then my eyes settle on her finger nails. They’re coated in bright shiny red. They look glossy again. I start to smile."

The book is a unique read with a different writing style and engrossing aspects of the lockdown along with the embedded humour and thrill. The book would pamper the readers with its witty and charming style, not forgetting to mention the comfortable pace. Beautiful illustrations and creative ending to each chapter is an automated attribute to the stories.

From 'Day One' to 'The Peach: A Modern Fairytale', the stories are conceptually build with enlightened curiosity without the fear of COVID19 indeed. These difficult times are dominantly exposed with an essence of optimism and sometimes dark shades for the fact that the perception is a bit different to the ordinary.

Book eating time is less than one hour, and that one hour is sure to enhance the thoughts of the readers towards spooky opinions and creative imagination in a way that it would be difficult not to feel the aftereffects!

It is recommended for those who are looking for a quick and witty read especially in the time when screen time is high and book time is low 🤫