• Half Papyrus

The Final Weekend : A Stoned Tale

Neal Cassidy

"I think of how amazingly enamored of her I was, the joy and sensations of life she’d brought me that I’d forgotten, that I didn’t know I missed."

With 'The Final Weekend : A Stoned Tale', Neal Cassidy makes us bounce with festivities and rejoice, soaking within us the flavours of college life and the American culture with an unaltered twist. Written with humour and turns of friendship and the land onto the final weekend makes the plot raunchy yet subtle at the same time. ⁣

Characters of all different sorts are portrayed in the plot with the tints of diverse behaviours and yet they all found a relevant connection amongst them. The life in the college and all the intricacies of a dedication within friends expressed a wonderful desire to let the readers go back to the days of fun and exciting enjoyment. The adrenaline rush in each of the six teenagers is quite familiar within the frames of forgetting the future and living the present. ⁣

The easter eggs could be located in the story and maybe the author has creatively defined his own life experiences in this book. The quirky and wild fame of sex, hook-ups and weed with an easy going mind frame would pamper the readers with entertainment of sorts and would help them to engage through the words.⁣

Apart from rhetorical instances and monotone imagination, the book is an easy read when readers keep aside the restrictions of time and delve into the lives of characters completely. ⁣

The book is recommended for those who wish to read something carefree with more of hearts and less of wisdom in the most casual of ways.