• Half Papyrus

The Vertical Path

Tamanna C.

The Vertical Path is a soulful experience of the inner journey accomplished by the author and with this book, she wishes to take the learnings to every reader in a way so eternal and so philosophical with the moment of awareness and self realisation. The book cannot be accounted for a self help genre, rather it's a different take on self awakening.

"When I talk about the divine plan, I mean the pre-ordained karmas that we decide to complete in our lifespan. Although we are not always aware of this at the conscious level, it doesn't mean we set our priorities right."

It is about finding your voice in silence, letting your expressions get channelized through words that are meant to be felt and imbibed, and not just read. The book creates an aura of healing space for the readers to let them delve into the infinite divinity and dive through rivers of self exploration.

All the aspects of sustainability, emotional, physical and mental - all these energies as transformative, the book brings about the knowledge and wisdom of the author to let people know a certain truth which can only be found when one learns to govern his own psyche.

The book is definitely a recommended read for all the people who wish to explore an another realm of possibility, an another parallel world of happiness, fearlessness and spiritual enlightenment.