• Half Papyrus

Understanding Hinduism

Kandiah Sivaloganathan

This book is a guide to understand Hinduism in the most enlightened and spiritual ways with help of Yoga, Karma, meditation, nature and science. From origin of word 'Hinduism' to the quantum of sciences, this book provides an eternal and mystic concept to understand and conceive it all as one bubble of the ancient religion.

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." - Albert Einstein

The narration is lucid for the fact that every age group pf people can take cues and references to bring about a certainty of spirituality in our modern lifestyles. It is so fascinating to know about a religion in such a depth of truth and reconciliation of opinions which we usually oversee in our day to day lives.

Perception is what makes us live different lives or say it helps live life differently. On a similar note, the book is a decent read just to enhance those feelings and thoughts which are already present there in the universe. We just have to step up and look for them. ⁣

This book evolves and transcends to represent the germination and thrive of certain ideologies, figments of emotions, and some very distinct trails of thought that question some of the very basic foundations of how we perceive and analyse.