• Half Papyrus

UsTaad : Journey of a Shayar

Chetan Mahajan

This lyrical book with blend of both the languages - Hindi and English - gives a touch of heartwarming story within the rhythm of shayari and its majestic attachments. Author Chetan has compiled in a sequel of mesmerizing memories within the attributes of heart-felt metaphoric lines of poetry. Two things which could be said inevitably about the book are attachment of expressions with spirit and words with city life lived happily especially in the setting of Punjabis! ⁣

"The alive-Aseem was saying something to him which he remembered and the dead-Aseem wrote it when he came to life."⁣

The favouritism is won by both the chapters - Astral Projection, and The Wrath of the Shayar. The book is a good blend of creativity giving a particular space to the new genre of mix and match. Apart from editorial aspects which could have been a little fluent and courteous with the expressions portrayed, the book is a soulful connection between words and actions. ⁣

Excluding terminologies for errors, the book couldn't be undermined on that behalf given the fact that it showcases some of the cute little intricacies of life in a broader perspective. The author has tried to bring out the imagination mixed with illusion to create new thoughts on the pre existing notions. ⁣