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Why Men Rape : An Indian Undercover Investigation

Tara Kaushal

The book goes beyond its menacing title to deliver unique thought provoking observations behind the scenes of sexual violence which are latent beneath the minds and thoughts of disguise. Tara Kaushal sets out on an investigation of nine particular men who are not only the representative of the rape culture in common, rather they portray significant other factors which are predominantly ignored including the definition of rape.

"To stop it, you have to see it."

The author has written a book rooted so deep into the unexplored spikes of human nature, that it doesn't fail to create an embedded imprint which would not leave the minds of the reader for a very long time. This is one of those books where the expressions itself are so concrete given the fact that the men who were interviewed ranged from the profession of medical excellence to an unemployed men who had decided to kill his former lover.

Speaking of the narration, it was equipped with a promising aftereffect and research studies which are more of facts than the mere words. It is a blood-curdling revelation everytime, when the reason for rape is heard and it is hard to assimilate it especially living in a country where rape is a general phenomena for people are unaware of its meaning and its consequences.

Not only the men behind bars, but also prejudiced media coverage along with dramatization in cinematic exposure, these all things merge into one essence so quickly with injustice thereby leading an exponential growth in rape cases and its other attributes. Being the most common of the cause as stated by the author is the language we use in our day to day lives which is a concoction of abusive words relative to women in our society - which becomes the truth in a furthermore perspective.

Especially at these times of uncertainty where marital rape cases takes the blow over anything - Why men rape is a significant milestone in understanding this hard-core word with a practical, legal, emotional and physical approach.