• Half Papyrus

Yesterday's Ghosts

Nikhil Pradhan

In contrast to plain and bland ghost stories, this book is an amalgamation of disastrous war in Sri Lanka and its afterthoughts with a smooth tint of paranormality. The tone therefore is highly descriptive, like a thought by thought Interview of the investigation process and how all the spies on the Black Team realise that the age old secret has been out for vengeance.

Spies being turned into criminals with a cold secret in their hearts haunts them until they meet three decades later in Sri Lanka. The course of their journeys are apparently different but they turn out to be all same at hearts. This book not only talks about a stern cold truth, but also how karma works in the world even if there is no world left to wonder.

Characteristically, Black Knight is one of the super protagonist around whom, this story revolves until its core is torn down and looked for a thrilling revelation in a latent perception. The narration is undoubtedly gripping, making this book a decent page turner. Somehow, the author has managed to get a good connection and sequels of events which unfolds eventually and with precision. The only thing which it could not uphold is a sense of clutch and warmth throughout the narration. It feels plain and simple until the end is near.

Nikhil Pradhan has bravely fantasized this story in such a bright and exuberant way, that it ceases to be just a story. It evolves and transcends to represent the germination and thrive of certain mysticism, figments of emotions, and some very distinct trails of thought that question some of the very basic foundations of how we perceive paranormality.

From narration to aesthetic, the book is bound not to make readers regret the decision of getting engrossed in this story. This quick page turner would pamper the readers with the metaphors of past, present and future. Time is said to fly quickly, nothing can be more specific than the time involved in reading this book.