• Half Papyrus

Yours Truly

Anandarupa Chakrabarti

"Don't you feel safe, to be known that you aren't unknown"

This short book of poetic letters is a metaphorical illusion of little dews of sweet moments around the human mind. The letters are written by the author to the readers in such a way that the lyrical poetry is bound to embed in the minds of the readers thereby establishing a relevant connection between the one who is reading and the one has expressed.

The book portrays our domains of human life and its majestic attachments in an intricate and inexpressible detail. The poems are optimistically oriented and showcase no bounds of time, age or work. These little poems would pamper the readers with its effectiveness of engagement and deeper understanding of life.

Apart from editorial aspects, the book has a minimalistic aura to it but has a conception of depth within its essence. The author has tried to motivate the readers to introspect oneself and admire what we have reformed and changed throughout our lives. These letters are written with a unique purpose of letting the readers delve into the beyond and think about entry and exit of one's own thoughts.

The book is an undoubtedly recommended one especially for those who love essential poetries!